Justine Time by Lake (2013)

A description of Max/MSP software language written using only words from Frankenstein (Shelley, 1831) ///////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ////////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ///////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ /////////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ////////////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ////////////// 0000 ----


Justine Time by Lake performed by Joe Howe and Julia Scott at Voxish, October 2013.




A film version (renamed as The Panegyric and the Into-Face) made for Generative Constraints Conference, Nov 2013. Music by Joe Howe.



ANNABEL FREARSON, Justine Time by Lake: print, <p>Print poster version of Justine Time by Lake.</p>
ANNABEL FREARSON, Art (After) at ANDOR, Oct 2013, October 2013, <p>A recorded version of <em>Justine Time by Lake</em> (by Joe Howe with Julia Scott) was included in the exhibition event Art (After) at ANDOR, London featuring James Robertson, Joel Metrybo, Adham Faramawy, Sean Steadman, John Lawrence, Tom Trevatt and Andrew Osborne, Martin Westwood (performance documented in above image), Paul Schneider, Annabel Frearson with Joe Howe, Murray O'Grady, Ariane Schick, Maria de Lima, Tom Besley.</p>
<p><br />Organised by John Lawrence, Art (After) was an exhibition event that continues the Art (After) The Internet programme and its exploration into processes of production in contemporary art and contemporary forms of dissemination. The exhibition presents new artworks as well as live forms of production, and live critical discussions of the artwork in the gallery space, generating a discursive exhibition platform for the presentation of contemporary art over the course of the weekend. The programme links two strands of debate that have taken place at ANDOR and at the Royal Academy Schools over the last eighteen months concerning art's political and social affiliations to technology, spectatorship and participation.</p>
ANNABEL FREARSON, Joe Howe performing Justine Time by Lake at CCA Glasgow


[text of Justine Time by Lake:]



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