The Mule (1997)

The Mule was a one-day national newspaper and website organised by Roman Vasseur, David Barrett, Emma Rushton, Derek Tyman and David Blamey with contributions by 26 artists. The Mule attempted to take on 'big-boy' media at their own game, revealing the mechanisms of the way information is collected, presented and interpreted by the press and increasingly online, in an attempt to disrupt the pervasive narrative.

ANNABEL FREARSON, The Mule: newspaper, 1997
ANNABEL FREARSON, The Mule: 'Family Entertainment', Annabel Frearson, 1997
ANNABEL FREARSON, The Mule: 'Simultaneity of Non-Events', Annabel Frearson, 1997

Contributing artists: Fiona Banner, David Barrett, David Blamey, Michael Bracewell & Julian Evans, David Brock, Cornford & Cross, Max Davison, Jeremy Deller, Sarah Dobai, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Annabel Frearson, Dora Garcia, David Griffiths, Tim Head, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Matthew Higgs, Janet Hodgson & David Mabb, Inventory, Jian Jun Xi, Brighid Lowe, Alan Murray, Nina Pope, Nigel Prince, Emma Rushton & Derek Tyman, Bob & Roberta Smith, Johnny Spencer, Roman Vasseur, Mark Wallinger.