Light In Dust Tree All (2014)

Light In Dust Tree All is a new text created as a corporate PowerPoint presentation promoting a light industrial / biotech / life sciences park, using only words from Frankenstein (Shelley, 1831).

ANNABEL FREARSON, Light In Dust Tree All (vile brand sea), 2014
ANNABEL FREARSON, Light In Dust Tree All (happiness), 2014
ANNABEL FREARSON, Light In Dust Tree All (rock symmetry), 2014
ANNABEL FREARSON, Light In Dust Tree All (skill work her), 2014
ANNABEL FREARSON, Light In Dust Tree All (life stifle), 2014
ANNABEL FREARSON, Light In Dust Tree All (security), 2014


Light In Dust Tree All was performed at IMT Gallery, London as part of a Filmarmalade event with Pil and Galia Kollectiv and Roman Vasseur.



We work better when we are happy and we are happiness when we feel we be long.

Clerval Place
Light In Dust Tree All

Clerval Place is an into gnashed and all seen tear for by or take, health care, read search and devil up men.

Clerval Place is one of the large is mix use busy nurse he state in Europe and is home to a wide range of company is lead in the way in the high take, I no vent have, r and d in dust trees.

This is a record and celebrated shone of the growth and vile brand sea of the life sciences close stir at the heart of Clerval Place, the large is in Oxford Shore and indeed one of the most signification in the You Cry.

It illustrate the devil up men of the village over time and, in a series of growth studies, high light some of the many success full company is that have contributed to the evil you shone of the close st are.

The material for the studies is drawn from interview is with seen he your personal and provided insight into the keen events and the exciting research and devil up men taking place at their company is.

The cloud store has a high proportion of companions devil up in new medicines, however there is also exemplified work go in on in a rain age of fields include in medical and green take knowledge is.

The closer continue to expanding, now host in nearly fifty life science company is, spread across by or take knowledge he, medical devices, can to act and cling he call research services and associated in dust trees and has reached a critical me as as a low care shone for the life science is in dust tree.

The grew oath of Clerval Place has been and will continue to be strengthened by the rock symmetry of many demoniacal institutions and into natural he renowned seen tears of excellence base in the Science Vale You Kill air here and Oxford Share.

Clerval Place for seas a continued expanse she on of the You Cows life sciences sake tore and is committed to playing its part in this success story by provide in the best environs melt for enterprise is of all sides is in this die name milk field. We hope that you will find the following page is inform it have and inspiring.

When you decide to join us you are not just chosen one of the laugh age busy nurse community is in the You Cracked,

you are embraced in a life stifle that can truly in chance your work life balanced.

We work better when we are happy and we are happiness when we feel we be long.

At Clerval Place you are assured to grow, succeed, belong.

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Our by your science come you night he continue to groan.

The concentrated diversity of by or take and health care company on the he state, our close link to other facility in the are ear and access to part nor, custom are, supply are and skill work her,

have established Clerval Place as a republic of come mercy shall call labour rays shone and in no fair shunned.

From started up to world clasp he hell sees, more than thirst he by o science accompany have come to Clerval Place to take advantage of the benefits we can provide.

The wide rage of united avail able from five hundred to sixteen thousand scared feet and more, allow is every kind of by o science venture to find the laboratory space they need and on the write terms.

Move in in could not be simple her. We have the knowledge, experience and especial kill on sight to fit out any space to your extract require men with what ever he quit men yon heed.

It is importance that we all feel safe and secure when we go about our daily be seen us. With See See To Veil, alarm money tore in, poor man hunt Pole Ice Come You Night He Support Offer Sir present and over five hundred hours poor weak dedicated especially to on sight secure it he, we like to think that we give you that execrate reassure answers and peace of mind.

Clerval Place is a striving come you night he, with a mixture of talent across many in dust trees. We pride ourselves on our come you night he spirit, or gain ice in stimulated events where you can meet and exchange ideas. We connected people and are I no hate hoarse in social me dear with our on line come you night he.


You can be totally confident that when you decide to come and join our come you night he, you will be extremely well looked after from day one. We fully understand that busy nurse is devolved and change with mark it rends, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we have the flesh able it he to give you what you desire when you desire it.


Remember: We work better when we are happy and we are happiness when we feel we be long. So..

“Who ever you are, what ever you do, there is a Clerval Place here for you.”

Thank you.