Fulfilling All Promise (2013)

Produced for Reading As Art, an event at Senate House Library organised by Sharon Kivland as part of the Bloomsbury Literature Festival.

ANNABEL FREARSON, Fulfilling all Promise, 2013, <p>image: Charles Harrowell</p>
ANNABEL FREARSON, Fulfilling all Promise (layout)
ANNABEL FREARSON, Fulfilling all Promise (layout2)
ANNABEL FREARSON, Fulfilling all Promise (layout3)
ANNABEL FREARSON, Fulfilling all Promise (layout4)

Introducing and presenting a vast animate spectacle of illustrious immensity. The destruction of best work and material, herds of dazzling barbarity, noble and marvellous augmented reveries, totally unparalleled in the history of the world, called for and delivered. No doubt about it. Equal in quality to anything offered in this market. Truth-full moral instructing. Honourable conduct. Never yield to such persuasion as the article is an imitation without value and will not give you the result you expect. Youth, Love and Flowers. Two stores given up to these things. A skin of beauty is a joy for ever. It will pay you to call and examine before you purchase. Man-you-fact-your-hers of gigantic lady lamb. So light a child can work it So simple it requires no care So strong it never wears out. Domestic. Liberal caprices, renowned for tone and probability. Alchymists of the Ancient Andes present chimerical combustibles. Every Human Being Desires to Own Land. If you share this feeling in common with others, call on me and I will give you enough ground to make you a home. I will give you a lot close to a flourishing city for nothing, charging you only the fee for transfer. Do you doubt this? I will do as I state above. Write or call for all particulars. In the incredible presence of Baffled-owe Till and But-fellow Villa. The greatest show on earth. stupendous history spectacle. This space for sail. Equal owner. Dread. established on all our signs. Do you want your children clothed? Warbling Whale-Fishers. Beautiful, beneficial and absolution necessary. Facts worth knowing. The power of telescopes is proportionate to the sagacity of the science. Sacred ruins palpitate with the spirits of innocent tongues. Extensive stock of novelty novelties. Decorations and resources. Wild military. Augmented Paracelsus. Continued on next page. You do not need to be told that. Martyrs to the Melancholy Lion. Unparalleled apparel and irreparable devices. Another success we must not omit to speak of. Tremulous Virtues. Your money will be thrown away. Noble and marvellous. Prepared upon scientific principles, the result of great care and study. fancy designs. The only rational remedy. Sedulous pyramids of Providence. Philosophy of the Day. Many a man lives on the reputation others make for him. Some men discipline themselves to death. The Write Sought of a Girl. Just fair enough to be pretty, gentle enough to be sweet. Questions about Electricity. True. False. Whatsoever. Agatha Werters’ aerial amphitheatre.  Illustrious carriages of Uri Valais. Terrific assemblages befitting nobleman, merchantmen or countrymen alike, replete with lustrous leathern and silken outlines, pleasurable to the tenderest lady. Never-failing mechanics with strength surpassing hurricane or avalanche. You will be pleased to offer tidings to your kinsman from the luxuriant stature of the imposing Empire Cabriolet. No more incommoded in the prison-chamber of the stage-coach charnel-houses. Self-command. Do not bedim your horizon. Expedite frontiers with soul-inspiriting journeying. Experience the proportionate majesty of the Plainpalais. The canopied gaiety of the pretty Montanvert. Volneys for county-town localities. Repose in the magnificent refinement of the Pentland. Or the Strasburgh for serene perambulations. Scene saviour. Joy-imparting acquisition. Picturesque pilgrimage. Fully serviceable. Precipitous stimulus of the land-sledge. Supreme promontory enjoyments. Raise your prospects in a Nugent. Impress with liberty. Do not take our word for it. Read remarkable testimonies from various exhilarated fellow-men travellers.