Coming Soon with Tai Shani (2013)

Coming Soon was made in collaboration with Tai Shani for Anthology Live, an evening of film based performances at Camden Arts Centre, as part of the exhibition, Film in Space.

Also performing for Anthology Live: Lizzie Hughes, Sharon Kivland, Clunie Reid, Sharon Morris, Sally O'Reilly, Ami Clarke, Audrey Reynolds, Cherry Smyth, Hélène Martin, Claire Makhlouf Carter and Sarah Tripp.


Coming Soon comprises text from film trailers that is also contained in Mary Shelley's 1831 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

Video extract (4'33 mins from c.10mins total performance):


Coming Soon-Anthology Live (extract) from Annabel Frearson on Vimeo.

Voice: Arlene Decker

Performance: Imogen Miller-Porter


Full script:


Coming Soon.

He thought he was watching her, but she was watching him.
He knew he had gone too far but he could not stopped.
He saw exactly what she wandered him to see.
Modern master of suspense; witness a mystery, a murder.
Body Double: you can not believe everything you see.

Your face.. you are too good looking.
It is about men.
It is about women.
It is about sexes.
I was pretty drank last night.. anything happen?
No, absolutely nothing. Wander do it again?
It is about straight age he.
You called her twice?!
Never call a broad more than once a week. Never, ever, ever.
It is about.. 
I think may be you ought to have a draw over here.
A draw? A whole draw?
It is about friendship.
I am moving in.
I give you two months.
It is about words.
I love you.
Who said it first?
It is about honest he.
Did you sleep with him?
I love you!
It is about romans.
It is about last night.

There are seven deadly sins, Captain.
You can expect five more of these.
You might like to come and take a look at this!

In Russia prison, your life story is written on your body.
Promises must be made.
I accept.
And secrets must be kept.
It is always good to have some one whom I can trust to do simple task.
Forget any of this ever happened.
State away from pay pole like me.
You can not afford to be careless in any air here.
Do not look at her any more.
How did you come in here?
There are always open doors.
Family is important to you people, is it not.
You think I know things that you do not know?
I need to know who you are.
Show some respect.
This ... is ... respect.
It is like a disease; there is no cure once they have touched you.

I wander make him an offer he can not refuse.
This is the business we have chosen.

Some times the world of the dead mists up with the world of the living.
As you can see, the house work has been rather neglected, since the servants disappeared almost a week ago.
Do you mean they just vanished?
Into thin air.
How do you do, children? I am your new man he.
Are you go in to leave us, too?
Why should I leave you?
The others said they would not. They did.
And then it happened.
Why have you opened the curtain?
It was Victor.
You told your brother that there was some one else in the room!
There was.
That will do, An.
I have seen them, too.
You have?
Sooner or late her she will see them. And then everything will be different.
What do you ...?
They are everywhere; they say this house is theirs!
Children! Come here! Run!
Can you not hear it? There is some one there.
Where is my daughter?
Are you mad? I am your daughter.

(long ah) One storm changed the face of our plan it.
It will happen again.
Phraseology is at a loss to explain what has caused this weather..
Baffled by the large is hail storm on record ..
There is snow in India ..
The ocean rose by twenty five ..
What you see ..
There are walls of water coming towards New Your City ..
WHERE .. WILL .. YOU .. BE .. The Day After To-morrow.

You are gone to need a beggar boat.

You know the accident out there?
That lady, she broke her neck.
Oh my god, where is she?
Standing next to my window.
You have a secret but you do not wants to tell me.
I see dead people; walking around like regular people.
I do not see anything.
Make sure they are there.
They are every where.
They wants me to do things for them.
I think that they know you are one of these very rare people who can see them. So you need to help them.
I do not think that is the way it works.
Not every gift is a blessing.
Please make them leave.
I am working on it.

I am sick and tide of go in to the funeral of black men who have been murdered by white men.
They are power less against us if every single an go sad son, Christian one of us stand together!
The rest of America do not see it that way, Mr May Or.
You had us scared to death, man.
Do not call me man, boy.
Did it ever occur to them they are go in to end up dead?
We are here to protect.
When America was at war, with itself.

Bringing her down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Prometheus has landed.
Good morning. On with the show.
These are images ... all over the earth .. ancient .. shared no .. yet .. same .. every last one ..
It is a .. map.
No, not am a pang invitation.
From whom?
Let us say you do find these 'beings' down there, you will not engage them, you will not talked to them, you will do nothing but report back to me.
How far would you go forget your answered?
Look .. at .. this.
One of them .. picked up a life form.
Are you seeing this?
They went searching .. for our beginning.
What is that?
You need to stay calm.
Every body back on the ship now!
What they discovered .. could be our end.
This year ..
If you are go in down there, you are go in to die.
Change in.. change in into what?
What is that?
That is a ship.
They are leaving.
To go where?
We were so wrung.
Take us home!
If we do not stopped it, there will not be any home to go back to.
There is a .. here .. cut it out.
Let it out of me (loud scream).

Coming soon.



ANNABEL FREARSON, Coming Soon, Feb 2013

Annabel Frearson

Coming Soon, Feb 2013